2016 Educator Grants

The Educator Grants awarded by the HMCT strengthen and enhance the quality of teaching by ArtCenter faculty members. HMCT grants support research, workshops, seminars and other activities that investigate opportunities and ideas in the area of typography and language, while reinforcing the mission and goals of the HMCT.

The HMCT awards up to $20,000 annually in grants in amounts up to $5,000.

Recipients of 2016 Educator Grants:
Sean Donahue – Faculty, MediaDesignPractices+Field | “Closer To Now” a publication about Variable Data Printing as the production vehicle for its visual inquiry.
River Jukes – Hudson & Dante Carlos – Graphic Design Faculty | “Design Atlas” a visual online glossary organized by relevant terms.
Nils Lindstrom – Graphic Design Faculty | Design of digital upright script typeface.
Stephen Serrato – Graphic Design Faculty | Design and create website on important or historical typographic essays.
Arden Stern – Assistant Professor, Humanities and Sciences | Present research paper “Freaks of Fancy, Revisited: 19th-Century Typography in the 21st Century,” at the Design History Society 2016 (DHS2016) conference at the School of Art & Design at Middlesex University, London.
Mark Todd – Associate Adjunct Faculty, Illustration | Attend the Design Ranch Conference in Texas

Illustration: Athellia | A digital script’s working progress by Nils Lindstrom