HMCT Sponsors Public-Library Typography Workshop
By admin – April 28, 2016
By admin
April 28, 2016
Public Library Founders Marshall Rake & Ramon Coronado

Public Library Founders Marshall Rake & Ramon Coronado

We founded Public-Library five years ago. The basis for every project we have ever, or will ever do, is typography. That love and passion for typography all stems from our relationship with Leah Hoffmitz Milken. Ramón and I had our first class with Leah together in the Fall of 2006. The way that she would break down letters, isolate differences, highlight similarities, and really uncover the compositional nature of every relationship taught us a lot about typography but even more about design as a whole. The thicks to thins, curves, to straights, eye sight to pica perfect; no choice exists in a bubble, every design action has a million reactions. This is a way of seeing that stretches beyond typography and is something we have always kept with us.

As part of our five year anniversary, we launched a new component to the studio called Public-Studies. Public-Studies is inspired by the things we learned in school (Art Center, Basel, Project M), work experiences, and the interactions and moments that have made up the first five years of Public-Library. We developed a series of one day workshops based on different projects and approaches that are part of our studio. The first workshop in this series was Typography. It is an immersive program that mixes fundamental Basel exercises with timed design challenges that encourages instinctual design and removes the fear of making something ugly.

We were incredibly fortunate to have been able to study under Leah, she was an unbelievable mentor and friend and we know we are a part of an immeasurable group of people who have had their lives enriched through Leah.

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