Archives: Check Us Out!
By Susan Malmstrom – March 20, 2018
By Susan Malmstrom
March 20, 2018

The HMCT Archives are online!

We piggy-backed onto the ArtCenter Archives online catalog, powered by AtoM (Access to Memory), an open source application from Artefactual. This archives-specific database provides many pathways into the material, in addition to everyone’s favorite keyword search box. You can now find descriptions of available collections at As of now, two collections are in the database: the Leah Hoffmitz Milken Collection and the April Greiman Poster Collection.

The April Greiman Poster Collection is twenty of her posters, including her ground-breaking Iris Light (1984) poster for Ron Rezek and a never-folded copy of Design Quarterly #133 (1986), her seminal work created using MacDraw. All posters in this collection were photographed and images are on the archives website.

The Leah Hoffmitz Milken Collection includes her design work, notes for her Letterform History course, and lots of student work. Only a few pieces from the collection are scanned, so if any of the written descriptions sound interesting, make an appointment to come see the original material.

You may wonder why we are not scanning everything from the collections. The biggest reason is that a scanned image lacks the depth and texture of the original material, particularly when dealing with photo negatives and sketches in plaka or pencil. Also, there is only one archivist and I can’t spend my days scanning when there are new collections to be described.

You may also notice that there are no books listed with the collections. The HMCT book collections, including books that came in with a collection, are cataloged in the Library catalog ( This makes them more accessible, though it requires a second search for our users.

The next collections on the website will be the Type Specimen Collection and the Vernon Simpson Collection. Vernon Simpson’s print shop off Colorado Boulevard was the foundation for Archetype Press, so the collection includes some great pieces he printed with the same type students still use today. The Type Specimen Collection includes single sheets and advertising mailers announcing new typefaces, from the 1940s through today. The Type Specimen Collection is currently available for use, but I’ll be digitizing the entire collection to make it easier to use when the HMCT is being used as a classroom. I will also be adding scanned items to the Leah Hoffmitz Milken Collection over time. Stay Tuned!