By Gloria Kondrup – April 26, 2017
By Gloria Kondrup
April 26, 2017

The HMCT is proud to be a sponsor of TypeThursdays, presented by TypeThursday LA.

TypeThursday was designed to gather design professionals together at different venues throughout Los Angeles to eat, drink, and talk type — while helping each other improve our type skills as we elevate the level of typography in Los Angeles. Take part in and advantage of the talent that resides here locally; we’d love to see your type-related design work if you have some to share.

Submit your in-progress work (type design, UI, lettering, logos, lockups, pretty much anything with letterforms in it) and if it’s accepted for the session, you’ll present it to the group and gather valuable feedback. We have House Industries gifts for our presenters (hopefully, that’s you)!

For more info, click here.