By Simon Johnston – May 4, 2016
By Simon Johnston
May 4, 2016

We recently took down our inaugural exhibition entitled 85_15: Typography_Past/ Present/Future, which has been up in our south campus gallery space since the center opened in November last year. Conceived as an overview of the subject of typography beginning with the year 1930 when ArtCenter was founded, the exhibition was a catalogue on display, in the sense that the pages hung on the walls could be taken down by viewers and bound into catalogues. As the pictures attest, we had many visitors to the exhibition who had a lot of fun putting together their own catalogues.

The exhibition also featured displays of typographic technologies, printed materials from each decade featured, an index of all typefaces released since 1930, a vernacular typography display, projected quotes about the future of communication, as well as videos on legibility and transmedia typography.

85_15 was researched, designed and built within the structure of my Information Design class in Fall 2015. SincereĀ thanks to the students, too many to mention, who went above and beyond the call of duty to put the show together and make it the success it was.

Now on to the future. Stay tuned for our forthcoming exhibitions.

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