Words in Exile
By Gloria Kondrup – August 15, 2016
By Gloria Kondrup
August 15, 2016

2016. Worldwide, over 60 million people have been displaced, forced to leave their homes for their safety or survival due to many reasons, including persecution for their religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, war, or natural disasters. What becomes of the individual voices of the displaced as they lose not only their homes but often their cultural identities?

Words in Exile is an acknowledgement of these voices. The broadsides and collaborative book project created by ArtCenter students under the guidance of instructors Seth Drenner and Margaret Jensen, are visual interpretations of the voices of the displaced. They have been meticulously hand-set in foundry metal and wood type, and then letterpress printed at Archetype Press. It is a small, yet permanent and tangible testament to their continuing struggle.

letterpress-wordsinexile1 letterpress-wordsinexile2 letter letterpress