Collecting and Archives: Ramone Muñoz

I was honored, but not surprised, about a request from HMCT to briefly write about collecting. I started collecting books and art in high school and, in my family, I’m considered the Benedictine. My partner is the Franciscan. As I



I was supposed to be in Italy for a press check at this time of year until the pandemic hit. As plans everywhere have been disrupted, I thought it might be interesting to travel vicariously to Florence using pictures I


Christian Chruxin

  It is always a pleasure to discover great work by a designer unknown to me. I recently acquired some books designed by Christian Chruxin, who was a graphic designer working in Berlin in the 1960s and later. They are


TYPE FIRST: LHM Educator Fellow David Wolske

The Leah Hoffmitz Milken Educator Fellowship program was launched by HMCT in 2019, with an international call for applications to typography educators teaching at the university level. The aim of the program was to place chosen educators in ArtCenter typography


Harmonic Voices

Following in the traditions of Polyglot Bibles in which the text consists of translations in various languages, and Bodoni’s expansive landscape of type design in the Oratio Dominica that illustrates his use of over 150 multi-script languages, MIKE/SIERRA/TANGO, an exhibition


Summer in the Alps with Dafi Kühne

This summer, with the assistance of the HMCT, I was able to attend a wonderful Typographic Summer Program led by Dafi Kühne at his vast studio space located in the Swiss Alps. The week-long workshop aims to demystify the process of creating

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