Artful Impact: The Posters of Abram Games

British designer Abram Games (1914–1996), holds an important place in the legacy of twentieth-century graphic design. For over five decades he interpreted the social, political, and commercial pulse of his country by absorbing the influences around him and referencing them in his works. His place in the study of graphic design history has been somewhat over-shadowed by his contemporaries and friends Josef Muller-Brockman, Tom Eckersley and Paul Rand—all born in 1914 as well—or by the simple nature of our visual memory to recall a great design but not its designer.

As a graphic thinker and social observer, Games created designs that commanded attention and sparked reactions. His works were often direct and deceptively simple: striking images joined brief, compelling slogans rendered mostly in hand-drawn display lettering, to capture the eye, the mind, and the heart. He followed tradition by using familiar objects, then embraced cutting-edge modernism by rendering them as simplified shapes or bold silhouettes that sometimes doubled as playful visual puns. By uniting commonplace with avant-garde, Games quickly delivered an emotive message. Even today his works can inspire, amuse, or disturb.

The exhibition is curated by David Mihaly, Curator at The Huntington Library and Lavinia Lascaris, Exhibition Designer at HMCT. All artworks and artifacts on display were loaned by Naomi Games and the Estate of Abram Games.

Curation: David Mihaly, Lavinia Lascaris
Design: Lavinia Lascaris, Simon Johnston
Installation: Ximena Amaya, Ivan Cruz, Joshue Molina, Roberto Rodriguez, Jorge Ruano, Jermiah Snider




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