Learning from Lucie Roberts by Allison Goodman

The HMCT is now publishing a bi-monthly newsletter. Each issue will focus on a historic or contemporary typographic issue or type designer, written by Allison Goodman, Professor of Graphic Design at ArtCenter College.

JUSTIFIED, Volume 1, Number 1 is available now (excerpt below).

Learning from Lucienne Roberts
Lucienne Roberts is her own gesamtkunstwerk — a history, disposition, and design practice rolled into a singular, admirable, force.

Culminating the month of June in residence at the HMCT, Lucienne Roberts’ “nice” exhibition opened in the Center’s gallery on 28 June. Earlier in her residency, Lucienne and colleague Dave Shaw presented an overview of their work titled “SUBURBIA.” The conversation began with Lucienne’s recollection of her childhood home as an architectural response to the destruction and privation of WWII. Lucienne’s second inescapable cultural reference was bracketing her presentation with two references to Catholicism… her beloved convent education, and her 2016 self-initiated publication “Looking Good: A Visual Guide to the Nun’s Habit.” “Looking Good” is described by her publishing house, GraphicDesign&, as a cataloguing and comparison of “this ‘extra ordinary’ religious clothing” with accompanying text that reveals “how the story of the habit is also that of the struggle between the powerful and the poor; of politics, social care and the role of women; and of the interplay between culture, fashion and faith.”

That, in a nutshell, is also a description of Lucienne Roberts’ interpretation of the world around her; as a person, and as a designer.

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