LHM Fellow: Leon Butler
In partnership with ArtCenter’s Graphic Design (Gx) and Graduate Graphic Design (MGx) programs, HMCT offers international grants to educators teaching at the university level designed to expand and enhance their teaching pedagogy. Chosen applicants are embedded for one week in ArtCenter typography classes, where they observe, learn, and share. Leon Butler was chosen as the Spring 2022 Fellow. Leon has worked as a visual narrative designer, filmmaker, and educator for over ten years, receiving plaudits from The Type Directors Club, the Future Makers awards, Digital Media awards, Young Directors Awards and the Irish Design Awards 2019. Leon’s has completed
Wolfgang Weingart 1941–2021
I first became aware of the work of Wolfgang Weingart whilst studying at Bath Academy of Art in England around 1979. Benno Zehnder, the Head of the Graphics Department, was Swiss and had installed a framed black-and-white Weingart poster at the top of a staircase. It must have been one of the early Kunstkredit works. It was so fresh and radical and mesmerizing. Subsequently, I learned from Benno about Weingart and his teaching in the new Weiterbildungskurs (advanced graphics course) at the Kunstgewerbeschule (school for applied arts) in Basel, Switzerland. I applied, and in 1982 I was in Basel
Character Building
Thanks to the persistence of my colleague Prof. Ty Drake, HMCT now has two billboard spaces available for the display of student projects adjacent to the 950 building south parking lot. After Ty’s students’ work inaugurated the spaces, they were recently pasted over with 6 x 3 ft. posters from my Graduate Typography 3 class. In a relatively short 4-week assignment, the students are asked to design a modular display typeface created from a base grid or set of standardized graphic components. The typefaces need to have a full twenty-six character set, either upper case, lower case, or unicase,
HMCT Archetype Press launches new website
Find everything you need to know about Archetype Press online: events, workshops, classes, the history of the press, our collections, and more at archetype.hmctartcenter.org.
C4PTCH4 TH1S: The disruptive power of emergent technologies on traditional language systems
C4PTCH4 TH1S addresses linguistic trends and semiotics born within digital communication platforms; the transformative effects of emergent technologies on our use of languages; and what these occurrences reveal about the future of communication. The creation, interpretation and flow of visual meaning is profoundly human; our digital culture both disrupts and extends how we think about and use language. Memes, emojis, acronyms, hashtags, @replies are used globally to tell stories, seduce, express rage, form movements, build brands and more. Our informal, unfiltered texts and comments are no longer written just to be read, but rather to be shared, moved, and
Winter DETI 2021: Videos Now Available
HMCT presented our second Design Educators Typography Intensive [DETI], a global virtual learning environment, January 22 and 23, 2021. With a focus on Branding and Typography, attendees were exposed to new approaches and pedagogies to take back to their own classrooms, and participated in active discussion groups via virtual chat rooms by asking questions and sharing insights. Renowned designers and educators generously shared their expertise during the four webinar instruction modules with university-level instructors, fellow designers, and students. Our keynote presenters for this Intensive were: Louise Fili, Mike Abbink, Dave Crossland, and Vanessa Eckstein. Instructors included Simon Johnston, Ty


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