Plan B: Spirit of the Bauhaus

Plan B is an exhibition inspired by the history and spirit of the Bauhaus on the occasion of its one hundredth anniversary. It features work produced by ArtCenter College of Design Study Away students working between Berlin and LA.

When the Bauhaus was originally conceived, one of its primary intents was to address and capture the “eternal human spirit” in art, design and architecture. It sought and cultivated wonder, the utopian, the radical. It promoted “looking” as an intellectual pursuit and considered every action in life as a medium for creativity. The Bauhaus was revolutionary in its re-linking of the arts, crafts, life and manufacturing. Driven by socialist ideals. it created a curriculum of new forms that helped craft the “modern.” It did so by forging an art, design and industry education bound by community, risk and the sharing of ideas and skills. Yet over time, much of the initial spirit has been forgotten or reduced to cold and functional readings of what the Bauhaus was about.

An overview of the exhibition with interviews from Simon Johnston, Carolina Trigo, and four students.

Plan B resists such narrow interpretations and, informed by Bauhaus’ thinking and influence, sets out to revive its forgotten or overridden aspects by re-imagining them in a contemporary setting. Plan B conspires to recapture the “daring” spirit of the Bauhaus so as to rediscover its heritage and imagine its future significance.

Program leaders: Simon Johnston, Carolina Trigo
Participating students: Ximena Amaya, Andrew Bernard, Heena Chung, Maxwell Fong, Chen Hu, Johnathan Huang, Casey Knapp, Levina Lasmana, Tianqing Li, Xiaodan Liu, Yuedi Lyu, Zixi Shen, Susanna Suh, March Valenzuela, Scarlett Wang
Hosts: ArtCenter Graphic Design & Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography

Type Director’s Club (TDC) — Communication design 2019
Graphic Design USA — American Graphic Design Award 2019

Design & curation: Simon Johnston, Carolina Trigo, Lavinia Lascaris
Design Assistance: Ximena Amaya, Andrew Bernard
Installation: Sonja Bodi Bujisic, Erron Estrada, Joshue Molina, Jorge Ruano



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