Character Building

Thanks to the persistence of my colleague Prof. Ty Drake, HMCT now has two billboard spaces available for the display of student projects adjacent to the 950 building south parking lot. After Ty’s students’ work inaugurated the spaces, they were


Billboard Project: ArtCenter South Campus

HMCT launch our billboard installation at ArtCenter South Campus [950 S. Raymond Avenue]. The inaugural exhibition displayed the typographic work of MGx students from the class of Prof. Ty Drake; we are currently showing the work of Prof. Simon Johnston’s


Collecting and Archives: Ramone Muñoz

I was honored, but not surprised, about a request from HMCT to briefly write about collecting. I started collecting books and art in high school and, in my family, I’m considered the Benedictine. My partner is the Franciscan. As I



I was supposed to be in Italy for a press check at this time of year until the pandemic hit. As plans everywhere have been disrupted, I thought it might be interesting to travel vicariously to Florence using pictures I


Christian Chruxin

It is always a pleasure to discover great work by a designer unknown to me. I recently acquired some books designed by Christian Chruxin, who was a graphic designer working in Berlin in the 1960s and later. They are classics

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