FABRIGA | A new typeface by designer Greg Lindy
By Gloria Kondrup – December 6, 2016
By Gloria Kondrup
December 6, 2016

Last week, ArtCenter faculty member Greg Lindy was in Conversation at the HMCT with Creative Director, Simon Johnston. Greg Lindy took us on a journey with his new typeface Fabriga, and brought to light what it takes to create such beautiful sans serif.


Fabriga speaks a familiar language in a distinctive voice. All emblematic decisions were informed by ideas around clarity and tone. Fabriga’s structure and warmth is influenced by how its character set is approached as an ensemble while still exploring individual ‘creative’ opportunities as they posed themselves throughout the process. Fabriga sets out to take a supportive role as a font family, understanding that one of its great strengths is through its diversity in application and composition.

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