Octavo Redux 1:1
By Simon Johnston May 22, 2017
By Simon Johnston
May 22, 2017
Time is slippery stuff. Over thirty years ago I started a typography journal called Octavo in London, with Mark Holt and Hamish Muir, my partners at the 8vo design studio. Somehow the year numbers have stealthily clicked over from 1986 when we started, to 2017. Now our friends over at Unit Editions have started a […]
By Nohemy Ramos May 22, 2017
By Nohemy Ramos
May 22, 2017
In this spatial component of the Spring 2017 Typography 4 course project, students explore ways in which typographic driven communication systems can dynamically function seamlessly within a variety of media, and develop an understanding of the unique opportunities, and limitations, that each media presents. Students were asked to develop a typography-based identity through the use […]
A building in Arnhem, Interview with Anniek Brattinga
By Austin Redman Apr 26, 2017
By Austin Redman
Apr 26, 2017
Anniek Brattinga is central to both the function and ethos of the Werkplaats Typografie (WT) program in Arnhem, NL.  When I had asked to explain her title at the school she’d replied, “Considering the WT is active in various fields, my responsibilities are therefore also quite broad, asking for a variety of responses depending on the specifics of each situation. […]
Lowell Milken Named 2017 James Bryant Conant Award Recipient
By Gloria Kondrup Apr 17, 2017
By Gloria Kondrup
Apr 17, 2017
HMCT founder Lowell Milken is this years’s James Bryant Conant Award recipient, one of education’s most prestigious honors. Press Release Artwork by ACCD faculty member Nils Lindstrom
HMCT partners with ACCD Illustration Department for “Pop–Up Berlin”
By Gloria Kondrup Apr 17, 2017
By Gloria Kondrup
Apr 17, 2017
Pop Up Berlin will inspire purposeful, meaningful dialogue between ArtCenter students and the citizens of Berlin. Students will be encouraged to design and produce inclusive, positive image and text-based materials intended to bridge the widening cultural gaps between marginalized groups in both cities. The project has been inspired by Sister Corita Kent (1918–1986) who was an […]
By Austin Redman Apr 15, 2017
By Austin Redman
Apr 15, 2017
February 21st was the opening of the Werkplaats Typografie’s exhibition, WT in L.A. The exhibition marked the completion of the WT’s six-week typography residency at the HMCT. Included in the exhibition were individual and collaborative projects, with themes ranging from radio broadcasting to beauty store posters, unified as a group show through an identity which was […]
Guilt-Free Fonts: Making, Licensing, Using [and Stealing] Type
By Gloria Kondrup Mar 27, 2017
By Gloria Kondrup
Mar 27, 2017
Type designers, foundries and resellers all make a living from type, but know their success depends on making their product easy to find, buy and use. Typekit’s Christopher Slye talked about how type professionals approach this problem through their pricing, licensing, business models, and wits.  
A Fluorescent legacy at HMCT
By Gloria Kondrup Mar 20, 2017
By Gloria Kondrup
Mar 20, 2017
With their fluorescent gradients and radiant color palettes, the Colby Poster Printing Company became an integral part of the Los Angeles street culture for over a century. Struggling with the invasion of the digital age, Colby  was not able to withstand the pull of technology and had to close its doors in 2012. Their legacy has […]
By Gloria Kondrup Mar 20, 2017
By Gloria Kondrup
Mar 20, 2017
The Educator Grants awarded by the HMCT strengthen and enhance the quality of teaching by ArtCenter faculty members. HMCT grants support research, workshops, seminars and other activities that investigate opportunities and ideas in the area of typography and language, while reinforcing the mission and goals of the HMCT. The HMCT awards up to $20,000 annually […]
By Gloria Kondrup Dec 12, 2016
By Gloria Kondrup
Dec 12, 2016
On Tuesday, December 6th, graphics students, faculty and friends of HMCT attended a presentation by Richard Danne, Design Director at Danne & Blackburn who created the famous NASA “worm” logo. His innovative and forward-thinking NASA logo was rescinded and replaced with the original “meatball” insignia. The presentation was followed by a conversation between Richard Danne […]
FABRIGA | A new typeface by designer Greg Lindy
By Gloria Kondrup Dec 6, 2016
By Gloria Kondrup
Dec 6, 2016
Last week, ArtCenter faculty member Greg Lindy was in Conversation at the HMCT with Creative Director, Simon Johnston. Greg Lindy took us on a journey with his new typeface Fabriga, and brought to light what it takes to create such beautiful sans serif. Fabriga speaks a familiar language in a distinctive voice. All emblematic decisions […]
By Simon Johnston Sep 14, 2016
By Simon Johnston
Sep 14, 2016
Fixed-width or monospace fonts are a curiously overlooked subject in standard typographic texts, and are often perceived as the clumsy mechanical cousins of humanistic proportional typefaces. For example, the subject does not even rate a mention in the indexes of Bringhurst, Lupton, or Kinross. Yet no other typographic forms better or more obviously represent the […]
Words in Exile
By Gloria Kondrup Aug 15, 2016
By Gloria Kondrup
Aug 15, 2016
2016. Worldwide, over 60 million people have been displaced, forced to leave their homes for their safety or survival due to many reasons, including persecution for their religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, war, or natural disasters. What becomes of the individual voices of the displaced as they lose not only their homes but often their cultural […]
DaVinci Camp at Archetype Press | STEAM
By Gloria Kondrup Aug 2, 2016
By Gloria Kondrup
Aug 2, 2016
This past June and July, the HMCT hosted two sessions of DaVinci Camp [davinci-camp.com] at Archetype Press. DaVinci summer camp is an intense learning experience focused on studying STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art+Design, and Math. STEAM encourages the integration of art and design as an innovative force to expand creativity and abstract conceptualization, boosting student […]
By Simon Johnston May 4, 2016
By Simon Johnston
May 4, 2016
We recently took down our inaugural exhibition entitled 85_15: Typography_Past/ Present/Future, which has been up in our south campus gallery space since the center opened in November last year. Conceived as an overview of the subject of typography beginning with the year 1930 when ArtCenter was founded, the exhibition was a catalogue on display, in […]
HMCT Sponsors Public-Library Typography Workshop
By Marshall Rake Apr 28, 2016
By Marshall Rake
Apr 28, 2016
We founded Public-Library five years ago. The basis for every project we have ever, or will ever do, is typography. That love and passion for typography all stems from our relationship with Leah Hoffmitz Milken. Ramón and I had our first class with Leah together in the Fall of 2006. The way that she would break down […]
Dictionary of the Illegible | Notes from the Fellow
By Jonathan Woods Mar 3, 2016
By Jonathan Woods
Mar 3, 2016
The exhibition came together, somehow. I can’t believe how many objects were made in the course of one week. I think Laurenz and I still had our noses buried in books the week before the scheduled opening. Freshly graduated, I was well equipped to work long hours and late nights, but this Fellowship presented a […]
Building a Table and a Friendship
By Jonathan Woods Feb 5, 2016
By Jonathan Woods
Feb 5, 2016
I met Laurenz Brunner the HMCT Typographer in Residence on a Monday afternoon in, what was soon to be, our studio. I carried with me a box of tools and a small diagram of a Enzo Mari’s “autoprogrettazione” table printed on a 8.5”x11” sheet of paper. Needless to say I was a bit nervous about […]
365 Calendar by Kit Hinrichs
By Orly Olivier Jan 21, 2016
By Orly Olivier
Jan 21, 2016
For 15 years Kit Hinrichs has been making 365 Typographic Calendars. Each calendar features the work of 12 type designers. The calendars were created as a reaction to the lack of understanding in typography. “I’ve long found it ironic that most people see the word, but seem oblivious to the typography that makes it visible. […]
Show Time
By Simon Johnston Dec 18, 2015
By Simon Johnston
Dec 18, 2015
It was great last week to be able to use the main space in the type center for the first time to display work from various classes for final presentations and grading purposes. Shown here is work from my Typography 3 class. Mostly third term graphics students (end of their first year), with a few […]
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