Dictionary of the Illegible | Notes from the Fellow
By admin – March 3, 2016
By admin
March 3, 2016

The exhibition came together, somehow. I can’t believe how many objects were made in the course of one week. I think Laurenz and I still had our noses buried
in books the week before the scheduled opening. Freshly graduated, I was well equipped to work long hours and late nights, but this Fellowship presented a design challenge that I hadn’t encountered at ArtCenter before.

The experience challenged my conventions of graphic design expanding far beyond the notion of design as a service. Design is a vehicle of authorship and experimentation. For Typographer-in-Residence Laurenz Brunner, there was the desire to explore uncharted territory.

Laurenz Brunner is probably on a plane back to Berlin right about now, and I’m looking at the exhibition “Dictionary of the Illegible,” that we built together. Everything is well considered. Even the table that we made the first week somehow became a part of the show. I think Laurenz knew that it had a purpose. The show is simultaneously about closure and anticipation. The objects displayed are somewhat of a typographic “fetish,” and are the beginning of a much larger project.

HMCT_LaurenzBrunner16-109 HMCT_LaurenzBrunner16-123 HMCT_LaurenzBrunner16-061 HMCT_LaurenzBrunner16-040 HMCT_LaurenzBrunner16-080 HMCT_LaurenzBrunner16-114 HMCT_LaurenzBrunner16-168